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I have just seen a video of this nice game on the channel of ToneHack.


This is such an awesome project! It reminds me of DoomRL with the quick gameplay. It's fun to explore the weapons and try to adjust tactics. Well done, I'm excited to look at your other work!

Thanks! :) Comparison with DoomRL is huge praise!

> I'm excited to look at your other work!

It's my best game so far. But I'm going to use RRT's mechanics in a bit larger project - I hope it goes well :)

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Hello! I'm gland you liked it, and thank you very much for feedback :)  

Because of time pressure, I forgot to include info about some keybindings in readme or in-game - I will fix it in post-campo release. To quit game during run, you need to use <SHIFT>+Q. To save a game - <SHIFT> + S. To close high scores screen, player needs to press <SPACE> or <ENTER> or <ESC>.

At first, I'd like to obtain more info about bugs. What version were you playing? What is your OS? How did you try to close window? Are you sure that you turned animations on? It's off by default as it doesn't fit architecture *that* well.

Generation of levels is kind of long story... Carriages are not always the same - I'm using template to determine their shape, and details are randomly chosen from prefabs. I think it would work well for some sort of semi-open-world game (I thought about "clean village from bandits" trope as well), but because carriages are rather small and symmetric, it didn't work out. All implemented (semi)procedurally generated elements serves fluff and flavor mostly. I thought about using "real" procedural generation, but I didn't have enough time. But it's on my todo list :)

More guns, and bigger differencies between guns, are also todo :) but not very high in priority. My initial goal wasn't about progress. I just wanted provide variety to gameplay - as enemies follows the same set of rules as player, bandit with Winchester rifle is more dangerous than one with Springfield. I don't know if I'm going to implement real progression, thought - due theme, this game has very limited scope. Yet, I like Old West enough to try implement somethign bigger in future...

First, I have to tweak RAWIG template. It worked well as 7drl architecture, but it was first time when I used it for real development, and I learnt what its flaws are. Performance of AI algorithm must be improved...

Once again, thanks for feedback and playing :)

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I can't reproduce multiplying score bug, nor see the reason in code. Which screen was affected? With flavour victory/lose text, or with high scores list?

I added quitting game by "X" button, but it's going to be some kind of panic button (close immediately, save game) for now - until I'll implement submenu for handling this case.

Actually, there is no progression - except starting and final levels, the order of carriages is random.

And introducing progression through weapons is not likely. Don't get me wrong, I see the point. But it can't be done easily due to basic game mechanics. Enemies have only 1 HP, so I can't just buff weapon damage. There are other properties (accuracy, effective range), but I can tinker with them only a little - five shots off target in a row would be opposite of fun ;) ...on the other hand, maybe I could add new mechanics, like sawn-off shotgun with cone area-of-fire... 

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>The bug appeared on the screen with victory text

Ah, I see it now! OK, it will be fixed in next release. Thanks for help!

>Is the number of enemies in each carriage randomised as well?

Yes, partially. Number of enemies is random within a range specified for each car. So, there are easier and harder levels, but some variety is provided ;)