Well, it will be short.

So, changes.

Actually, two games are in active development - Tiny Gatherer and Fraternities. Probably I'll release something in the near future.  

I learnt a lot since releasing my first game, HumFallRL. To be honest, I'm a bit ashamed by my first projects - or just the first one; Fragility, NoirRL and Rogue with Purple Heart was direct descendants of HumFall codebase, and share similar flaws.

I'm not sure if it's good decision, maybe I shouldn't do that in such a mood, but I decided to put a border between my infant games and current projects. So, independent pages were removed and replaced by one aggregate page, called as simple as possible: "My first games bundle".

It resets all internal statistics, I see, but it's irrelevant.




humfallrl_v11.1.rar 2 MB
Jun 21, 2017
fragility_7drl_2014.rar 2 MB
Jun 21, 2017
noirrl_v2.2.rar 8 MB
Jun 21, 2017 23 MB
Jun 21, 2017

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