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It is bundle of my old projects. Most of them is buggy and / or unfinished. I saved them now for documentation purposes, and these games are not supported anymore. I considered removing them completely from itch.io, but it wouldn't be fair at all.

HumFallRL was my first game ever, originally created for 7DRL 2013. It is based on (in)famous roguebasin's python+libtcod roguelike tutorial. HF was in active development even in late 2016, but latest playable version is from 2015. In these days, the gap between v11.1 and planned features for v12 was too big for my programming skills. Although, v11.1 is playable and at least mostly bug-free.

Fragility was my 7DRL 2014 entry. It used HumFall legacy code, just adapted for new game. It's simple 1HP roguelike with underdeveloped movement scheme that was based on jumps and ranged attacks.

NoirRL is another my 7DRL entry - this time, for 2015 contest. Theme: obscure detective story. I'm still proud of graphics style I made for that game, but it took too much time and I didn't manage to polish riddles and interactions, so whole game is confusing. Post-campo releases, including the latest one, were all about bugfixing, I didn't change story or fix interactions schemes.

Rogue with Purple Heart is yet-another-7DRL(2016)-entry. I did claim victory, but that game should not be released ever. It's about vietnam war. Player is lost soldier that need to go through jungle to find evacuation site. Nice visuals and colour scheme, but I didn't manage to even maintain code - it used flawed codebase from trunk/development of HumFallRL v12.

Install instructions

Unpack archive and run exe file.


humfallrl_v11.1.rar 2 MB
fragility_7drl_2014.rar 2 MB
noirrl_v2.2.rar 8 MB
PurpleHeart_7DRL_recompiled.zip 23 MB

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